Origin Story: Operation Supply Drop

Yesterday Polygon wrote an excellent article detailing the back story on Operation Supply Drop, the military focused gaming charity that sends video game-related care packages to soldiers deployed in combat zones around the world and recovering in military hospitals. The article, found here, details how the charity began, and the efforts that go into getting people to donate, putting packages together, and getting them to the troops. It's an interesting inside look at just how much effort goes into this excellent charitable effort.

Along with the article, Polygon released a video, which you can check out to your left. The lead in for that documentary-style video is as follows:

"[Ex-Airborne Ranger] Steve Machuga struggled to reintegrate back into society when he returned from the war in Iraq. His escape? Gaming. Now he's trying to help other active and recovering soldiers by sending them video game care packages to help them take their minds off the horrors of war."

Check out the article, and if you haven't done so already, learn more about Operation Supply Drop at www.operationsupplydrop.org. They do great work.

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