Stephen Colbert Jabs at NSA for Snooping on Second Life Players

Last night on Comedy Central's the Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert spent a bit of time picking on the idea of the National Security Agency snooping around Second Life. Recently reports revealed that new documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden showed that the NSA was lurking in World of Warcraft, on Xbox Live, and in Second Life (of all places) to keep tabs on terrorists who they believed might be organizing attacks in these virtual worlds. Stephen Colbert poked fun at the recent revelation, showing clips from the game while cracking jokes like this one:

"That's right. The NSA is spying on Second Life, a game for people who don't have a first one," Colbert said.

Colbert rolled a clip of various characters inside Second Life and called out the fact that the NSA documents showed no terrorist plots were foiled by snooping on World of Warcraft and Second Life, instead suggesting that terrorists have "moved on to Madden NFL 25."

You can check out the clip Comedy Central's web site.


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    Scott1701c says:

    You said this the other day, It appears you copied and pasted. Seriously, at least type something new up so that it does not look like your just promoting a website.

    I said it then, but for anyone who missed it. The "fantasies of yesteryear" were never fantasies, but always reality. Just look at recent history, the crap the US Government pulled on Japanese-American civilians, the horrors of the infecting Black American communities with diseases to see what the infection rate was. BOOKS have been written on FBI Director Hoover doing much, MUCH, worse then what the NSA did now (that has been proven anyway).

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    dregstudios says:

    The dystopian fantasies of yesteryear are now a reality.  We’ve allowed the coming of an age where the civil liberties our forefathers fought so hard for are being eroded by the day.  Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are mere ghostly images of their original intent.  We’ve woken up to an Orwellian Society of Fear where anyone is at the mercy of being labeled a terrorist for standing up for rights we took for granted just over a decade ago.  Read about how we’re waging war against ourselves at

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