EMA Welcomes Four New Members

Four new companies have become members of trade group the Entertainment Merchant Association (EMA) this week. Those companies include 3rd i QC, Deluxe, Dolby, and FilmTrack.

3rd i QC is an independent third-party consulting service specializing in quality control and assurance for the home and personal entertainment markets; Dolby is a market leading creator of audio, video, and voice technologies; FilmTrack is a content and rights management provider for the global film and television industry; and Deluxe Entertainment works with the film and entertainment industry, providing a number of services including production, post-production, asset management, marketing, and distribution.

In case you don't know, the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) is a not-for-profit international trade association dedicated to advancing the interests of the home entertainment industry. It is the same organization that took the lead in the fight against a California bill that would have regulated the sale of video games. That law was ultimately challenged and fought before the Supreme Court in Brown v. EMA. The court sided with the EMA, ultimately ruling that the law was unconstitutional.

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    Atrayo says:

    Hi There,

    To add a bit of further disclosure the founding President Mr. Hal Halpin of the ECA (Entertainment Consumers Association) which Gamepolitics.com is a part of in web presence. Mr. Halpin founded the precursor to the EMA (Entertainment Merchants Assoc.) that being the IEMA (Interactive Entertainment Merchants Assoc.). Later on the VSDA (Video Software Dealers Assoc.) successfully merged together with the former IEMA to create the present day EMA.

    It's all under the "About Us" page under the subheading of "President" over at the ECA itself.


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