Investors File Class Action Lawsuit Against EA Over Battlefield 4 Launch

Electronic Arts has found itself on the business end of a class action lawsuit related to the numerous bugs, glitches, and technical problems related to Battlefield 4. The game, which launched in November on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One has suffered numerous problems since launch, and while EA and developer DICE have tried to get a handle on things, apparently some investors (not players, surprisingly enough) are so upset that they have decided to take the fight to a court room. The problems are so bad that EA and DICE recently announced that they would suspend development of downloadable content to focus solely on fixing bugs.

The class action lawsuit covers investors – including those who purchased EA common stock between July 24 and December 4. The complaint alleges that EA "over-promised" on Battlefield 4, and that the troubled launch of the game has really hurt the game's sales. This had led to lowered stock value for investors.

"Based on the purported strength of the Battlefield 4 rollout then underway, defendants issued strong fiscal 2014 financial guidance for the Company and actually increased that guidance on October 29, 2013. The price of Electronic Arts' stock steadily climbed on these statements, reaching a Class Period high of $28.13 per share by August 23, 2013 and allowing certain of Electronic Arts' senior executives to sell their Electronic Arts stock at artificially inflated prices," the complaint alleges.

Following the launch of Battlefield 4, EA's share price dropped to $21.01, down over 25 percent over its class period high. According to the complaint, EA "recklessly disregarded" known issues over Battlefield 4.

In a statement to Polygon responding to a request for comments about the lawsuit, EA said that class action was without merit:

"We believe these claims are meritless. We intend to aggressively defend ourselves, and we're confident the court will dismiss the complaint in due course."

Source: Shacknews

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    GrimCW says:

    I kinda figured as much. Still researching something before you invest in it is always a good idea.

    And MP based games of the battlefield style are usually, lets be honest, complete flops.

    Or they scrape along at the bare bottem (ala Battlefront) and have just enough popularity to exist.

    So this sort deal from a top level developer, for a game widely know.. really should not be such a surprise to see it tank at first before making its prime. The only other full alternative (and one these people obviously won't like) is putting the open beta's up longer and actually stress testing and giving the developers time to fix issues rather than just hotfix a few things and tweak the hardware server side.

    If anything, the lack of time between open testing and release IMO is probably the biggest weak link. After all, how much testing and bug squishing can be done in under a month?!

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    Atrayo says:

    Hi GrimWC,


    Your points are solid regarding previously botched game releases be they MMO or something else entirely. However one thing to realize is the video game industry as a whole is the leader in capital investment dollars worldwide. Meaning the entertainment complex be it movies, tv, print media, music, and video games. The games industry is where the huge investment dollars are being generated because of the revenue being created year in and out. Folks like the entertainment investment advisor of Wedbush securities Mr. Michael Pachter. Will be one of the first of such a specialized kind of personality as a forecaster.

    Consumers have been railroaded in years past due to botched game releases. However suits as investors will not have the patience that regular folk like you and I do have with game publishers.

    I was hoping that the ECA (Entertainment Consumers Assoc.) would sorta go in this direction. But, it went instead into the public policy stance with the Federal and State governments. My own opinion it feels more like the "Entertainment Citizens Assoc." rather than the consumer one.

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    GrimCW says:

    Are these "investors" new to the market? Sadly when a big time release like this goes down for an MP based game, it happens like this.

    Not entirely on the mark, but just look at 99% of MMO releases..

    TBH though, each of the battlefields have had a fair share of nasty bugs on release. BF4 is no exception. It takes about a year before they're cleaned up and things get stronger.

    Sadly.. It wasn't enough to save one of the best in the series… Vietnam.. the game was AWESOME, but the fixing it needed.. oye.. I recall dumping it entirely for years before going back and loving how it worked, but finding no servers!  That and BF2142.. BOTH of these need a remake on the new engine!  Not some half assed expansion job like they did for BC2 (DLC = big sales, but few players it seems.. Least I could never find many servers for add on content.. always find it. And Halo helps my point in that it needs special services just to find and match DLC games!)

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    IanC says:

    The wii U dodged a bullet here, eh?

    Annoyingly, you cant buy a freakin' PS4 or Xbox One near me without this coming with it. Which is annoying since A: I hate store enforced bundles and B: im boycotting EA. So i dont want two EA games with my PS4 (FIFA 14 is the other. Snore)

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