Report: Zynga Founder Asked President to Pardon Snowden

Yesterday we reported that one of the executives attending a meeting between President Barack Obama and the country's top tech company executives suggested that the administration should pardon former NSA contractor Edward Snowden for leaking classified documents about the spy agency's broad spying activities. The president told the executive that he could not pardon Snowden.

Today we learn just who that executive was. It turns out that the question to the president has been attributed to Zynga founder and former CEO Mark Pincus, according to a report on CNN.

While the Zynga founder's question might have been awkward for the president to answer on the spot, the president has never even hinted that a presidential pardon would be possible for Snowden, who is currently exiled in Russia.

More details on yesterday's meeting, which was attended by executives from Cisco, AT&T, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, can be found here.

Source: CNN

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