Warhammer Online Shuts Down

EA Mythic's Warhammer licensed MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was shut down last night after the license held by EA Mythic from Games Workshop expired. Former Warhammer Online producer Josh Drescher talked at length about the game on his personal blog, saying that most of the criticism towards the game was spot on, while some of it was just "uninformed BS."

EA Mythic warned Warhammer Online players back in September of this year that the game was coming to an end on Dec. 18. At the time it suspended new account creation and monthly billing.

In his blog post Drescher vented a bit about the game coming to an end.

"I'm not going to waste time picking at old wounds or attempting to offer a post-mortem commentary on 'what happened,'" said former producer on the game Josh Drescher in a personal blog. "There's been tons of gossip and speculation and smug armchair game design (and project management) in the years since it launched. Some small bits of it have been on-target. Most of it is uninformed BS. It will be up to people well above my pay grade to decide if the 'real story' ever gets told."

"I don't want to gloss over the real human cost of the project's failure to become a blockbuster, because that's a very real part of the story as well," he continued. "I realize that not everyone was able to transition to new and better things, at least not within our industry. There were a large number of people who simply decided they couldn't put their families through the stress of the game development 'lifestyle' anymore."

Warhammer Online launched in 2009, but never really garnered the kind of following EA had hoped for. At launch it had only 300,000 subscribers.

Source: GII

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    Falcon4196 says:

    I really enjoyed the game when it came out especially the Tome of Knowledge  and the exploration it encouraged.  They just made to many servers and after the initial rush things were too sparse for an MMO

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    Sleaker says:

    I played a squig herder too at the beginning, then they released patch after patch nerfing the content in the name of 'balance' etc.  I still think this game had lack of desin direction in some critical areas.


    Also, please link to the original post, it's a way better read than GII's article.

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    grenaid says:

    "most of the criticism towards the game was spot on, while some of it was just "uninformed BS.""


    "Some small bits of it have been on-target. Most of it is uninformed BS."

    "Some small bits" != most

    That said, I had a Squig herder when it first came out and I loved the way they handled exploration and achievements.  i really felt like I was building up this encounter with the world.  They broke a lot of ground, and while I burnt out (in some incredibly dull area full of dwarven boats IIRC) it's sad to see it go.

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