China Hates on Battlefield 4 DLC

December 20, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

The Battlefield 4 DLC, China Rising, is taking some heat in the editorial page of the Chinese military newspaper Zhongguo Guofangbao, according to the South China Morning Post (as reported by Polygon). The editorial calls the upcoming multiplayer map pack the "latest attack" in an "ongoing culture war" meant to mislead young people by "discrediting China's image abroad and distorting the truth."

The editorial in the military publication goes on to say that "the use of video games... to discredit one country's image in the eyes of other countries is a new form of cultural penetration and aggression" and that the DLC's main villain (a dissenting Chinese general) coupled with a growing "overall strength of the country," will make western audiences see the Chinese as the "common enemy."

"When western countries would make war games in the past, they would settle on Russia if they needed an imaginary enemy," reads the editorial. "But in recent years, with the boosting of China's national strength, China threat theories run rampant, and foreign companies are increasingly keen to put the Sino-US conflict in their games as a gimmick to attract attention."

Ma Zhengang, vice director for the China Public Diplomacy Association, suggested that "in order to deal with western preconceptions of China...[the Chinese] need to rise up, share China's voice...[and] resist video game media that puts China in a bad light."

China Rising is the first piece of downloadable content for Battlefield 4; all future expansions have been put on hold to fix numerous problems that the game has suffered from on various platforms since its launch in November...

Source: Polygon


Re: China Hates on Battlefield 4 DLC

Dang, the Chinese State are touchy aren't they?

So much for coming at this from the wrong end of a rifle. (pun intended) These are games for entertainment purposes, not a political manifesto, geez stop being so ego-centric.

I'm surprised they have a double standard when it comes to their tolerated ally the "North Koreans". The recent remake of "Red Dawn" included North Koreans and not the Chinese. They caved there due to political correctness for sure.

I remember years ago that "James Bond Movie" set in North Korea called "Die Another Day". The North Koreans were pissed in how they were depicted back when the film was released in 2002.

Also, speaking of which during the cold war when we bashed the "Soviet Union" in movies like the original "Red Dawn". The Russians also released negative propaganda pieces making America look like a dystopia in general.

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Re: China Hates on Battlefield 4 DLC

Someone tell them you can play as Chinese, and that you get some of the coolest-looking vehicles and weapons.

Living in Canada is awesome. We enjoy the universal healthcare and gun-free environment of a European country while getting all of our games released at the same time as the US.

Re: China Hates on Battlefield 4 DLC

Anyone wanna remind China that they canonically won C&C Generals?!

Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

Is this not the game that has had numerous problems and has actually caused an FCC investigation to take place and that some DICE AND EA employees might go to jail for lying about the game to investors? If so why are they talking about expansions and not fixing the problems?

Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

TBH seeing them as the common enemy is already taking foot hold. And not due to games or any other media thing.

They have a majority of the manufacturing jobs, government loans, and theres practically a chinese store/restaurant on every corner these days..

sooo umm.. yeah. Some conspiracy theorists I know are calling it a silent take over.

If they ever called in those loans, the U.S. could sell whole states off and still not make a dent in the damned things..

Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

Fun fact #1: China can't call in the loans. They're government bonds with a fixed repayment schedule.

Fun fact #2: China only holds 8% of the US debt. Japan holds 7%, and other nations hold a combined 19%.

Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

Yes but don't tell the cnspiracy nuts, to them China can call in this debt at any time and Obama is just itchin to sell after declaring himself president for life.

Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

I just hope EA has the balls to see it through, instead of caving like so many games/movies do and switching China out for something that won't offend China.

Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

See it through? TBH the release already happened by the time this was posted (why was it so late?)

Early release for Premium members was also awhile ago.

And the games background and theme was known some time ago as is. So being out there already its WAY to late to back down now.

Honestly, I'm just glad to see it back to its roots for the most part. But the in game models look way to similar in some cases :/ Not like the very distinctive looking ones from BF2... Each country looked very different.


Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

If you say so.  I don't play the game.  The article called it "upcoming DLC".

Re: China Hates on Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC

Yep, came out a few days ago.  I've adjusted the article.


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