Disney Removes ‘Energy System’ from Free-to-Play Game Where’s My Water? 2

Disney is the latest company to receive pushback from gamers who are growing increasingly tired of free-to-play games having aggressive in-game micro-transaction schemes.

The Disney game, Where's My Water? 2 launched earlier this year with an "energy" system which stopped players from continuing the game unless they either waited an hour or paid real-money to continue. Apparently the feedback from this system was deafening and now Disney has decided to remove the system entirely, according to a PocketGamer report.

"We took your feedback to heart and removed the energy system in this update," reads the latest App Store update. "Yep that’s right. Now play as often and as much as you like!"

The game still features micro-transactions that allow players buy power-ups and additional content bundles, but (for the first time) it's possible to play through the entire game for free, rather than having to wait a ridiculous amount of time.

Source: Gamasutra

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