The EFF’s 2013 Wish List

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published its annual 2013 Holiday Wishlist, ticking off a number of hopes and dreams the advocacy group hopes will come true in 2014. It's quite an extensive and exhaustive list, but given all the shenanigans from governments, lobbyists, and special interest groups on a number of issues this year, it's not all that surprising.

At a glance the EFF hopes for privacy rights to be recognized and restored by governments conducting surveillance, that the Congress will finally look into the scope and scale of said surveillance, that the Congress will pass "meaningful reforms" to the Computer Fraud Abuse Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, that all communications companies publish transparency reports, that all Internet sites adopt cryptographic best practices, that companies who sell entertainment (books, movies, games, etc.) adopt a "if you bought it you own it" policy (no DRM or shady licensing agreements), and a whole lot more.

You should check out the entire EFF 2013 Wish List here.

I think it's safe to say that we support all of these wishes and hope that all of them come to fruition. We'd also like to see Google ditch its new copyright enforcement scheme, for governments to reject various horrible trade treaties containing language on copyright and trademarks, and for the patent system to get serious reforms in 2014…

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