Blizzard Engineer Needs Your Help For Christmas

Ron Nakada, a Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer six months ago. Doctors told him at the time that the cancer had metastasized to his liver, lungs and lymph nodes. While Ron is fighting for his life with all the determination and strength he can muster, his medical bills and expenses are ramping up and he needs our help.

To that end, Ron's good friend John Alvarado has put together a fundraiser to help him pay down monthly expenses that were not covered by short-term disability-insurance – which recently ended. Sadly his long-term disability-insurance will not kick in for a while, and it provides even less benefits which falls far short of his family's monthly needs.

Since Ron has given so much to the game community (he has worked on World of Warcraft, amongst other great Blizzard properties), it would be wonderful if the game community would help him raise the money he needs to get through this life altering trial and get on his feet – especially given that the we are in the midst of the Holiday season this week.

If you would like to donate to Ron's cause you can do so at this link right now. One-hundred percent of the money goes directly to Ron and his family and no amount is too small.

Here's a message from the organizer of the fundraiser for Ron:

Let’s pull together again to help our dear friend Ron! Donations go to Ron immediately. Any amount you can donate today will help fulfill short-term needs this month. I’ve set the goal at $8,000 in one week to reflect the urgent short-term need, but the bigger goal is to reach $25,000 by mid January. Let’s hit that first goal so Ron and his family can enjoy this Christmas without the stress of overdue bills and the threat of utilities shutting off. After achieving that, we will extend the deadline and update the amount to the final goal.

If you’ve had the chance to visit Ron, you’ve seen the wonderful spirit of appreciation and faith that has enlivened his journey through this enormous challenge, and you know the tireless efforts his wife Linda has made by his side. Your kind charity goes to a very loving and deserving couple and family. Any amount you can give will help move us closer to our goal. Thank you, and may our collective prayers and generosity be a blessing on Ron’s family and our families this Christmas.

Let's show everyone why our community is the most generous and wonderful community on the planet by helping Ron out for Christmas.

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    Cheshyre says:

    Wow. I didn’t know dying of cancer fell in the same category as not having a job. Cancer is now just “having a hard time”. Good job Grimcw. Don’t hate him because he has a job where his coworkers actually care enough about him fundraise for his family. There’s actually a lot of people who have coworkers that do this. Check Facebook. Twitter. Any social media actually. The fact that you compare his having cancer to your not having a job is what is really irritating. Be glad you wake up everyday with the ability to go job hunting. This man is trapped in a hospital bed, counting the days he has left and knows there aren’t many. Oh and he’s not working right now either. So quit trying to one up this man. You lose. He’s dying and you’re just whining.

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    GrimCW says:

    TBH, While I'm sorry for his condition and hope him the best.

    I despise how people in higher places always get these call outs when they need help. Be they work for some well known company, or are some well known individual themselves. It comes off as outright annoying to see them elevated above others in the same, or worse, boat simply because of their place.

    Surely he's not the only person in the gaming industry having a hard time right now (especially after the amount of layoffs this past year). Let alone all round. But due to connections with blizzard.. he's the only one we'll be hearing about.

    Sadly I cannot donate should I wish, as my UI is dried up and I'm still jobless myself (and no I haven't just been sitting around, was bouncing from temp job to temp job, but they keep you on the same claim all throughout and in between, and then went for my certification to TRY for a career.. so heres hoping it wasn't in vain! :)  ). So every cent I have is going to bills and gas as I attempt to find work harder than ever (especially now that I've finished my certification courses for CNA) 

    Still, best of luck to him and his family during this time of need.

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