Google Online Rights Petition Surpasses Required 100K Signature Milestone

Google passed along a note letting us know that its petition on the White House web site has surpassed 107,000 signatures. The "We The People" petition calls for the White House and lawmakers to give the stuff we store online the same legal protections (Fourth Amendment) as the stuff we store offline. The petition only needed 100,000 signatures to ellicit a response from the White House at some point in the future, so it is good that it has passed this particular milestone.

Google notes that this is a good starting point but more work needs to be done to make lawmakers in Washington D.C. understand that Americans are serious about their privacy and security online and that law enforcement and spying agencies like the NSA should have to go to a court to get a warrant just like they would if they wanted to search your house or your car.

You can get started on putting your support behind further efforts to this end by visiting this Google page.

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