Campaign to Help Blizzard Dev Generates Nearly $10K

Ron Nakada, a Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment who is battling through Stage IV colon cancer is probably feeling a little better today. Yesterday we urged our readers to donate to Ron's cause and they responded with generosity and kindness. That story and a subsequent story about Ron's plight on Kotaku have helped drive the fundraising campaign from a little over $2000 to nearly $10,000 in one day. We're happy for whatever part we helped play in that, but ultimately what matters is that Ron gets the $25,000 he needs to overcome his mounting medical bills and related expenses.

If you haven't already, please give whatever you can to help Ron and his family out. Or if you can't help out with a financial donation, simply share the link on Facebook, Google + and Twitter to get the word out.

Thanks to everyone who donated. Once again you prove that the gaming community is an immeasurable force for good!

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