Watch This Delancey Underground Video, Help Raise Money for the Nonprofit Technology Network

While it is not necessarily something we'd normally cover here on GamePolitics, it is almost Christmas and doing one small gesture will help a good cause, so it's worth giving it a little virtual ink today. Motherboard (a publication of VICE) will donate $1 to the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN – a community transforming technology into a social change) for every view it receives of this video about the Delancey Underground on

The Delancey Underground is an initiative to build the first underground park in an abandoned trolley terminal in the New York City subway system. The creators of this park have devised the technology to funnel sunlight from the street above, showering the park in natural daylight and allowing enough light for plants to thrive.

It's definitely an interesting idea, and while it's off-topic, the video is fascinating and even a little inspiring.

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