Teen’s Late Night Gaming Saves Family From Fire

A 12-year-old who just happened to be up all night playing video games in Danville, Kentucky, is being credited with saving his entire family. On Thursday morning at around 3:30 am, Jaxxyn Wood was on the first floor of his family home playing video games when he smelled something funny in the air. Jaxxyn said that he "smelled something really bad, like Legos on fire."

Upon further investigation he noticed that the ice machine in the kitchen was on fire.

"I grabbed a plastic cup of water and put it out as much as I could, and then I went and got everybody," he told news station WKYT.

After doing his best to deal with the fire, he went to the second floor and woke up his sisters, who then went and woke everyone else up in the house.

Jaxxyn said he learned what to do in emergencies like this at school.

"A fireman came to our school and he said if there's ever a fire there's most likely gonna be smoke in the air," he said. "So you want to duck down and get everyone you can and get out."

Firefighters said that the house didn't have smoke detectors, so the family was lucky the teen was up at that time or they all could have died.

Source: WKYT

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