‘Take This Project’ Renamed, New Web Site Launched

Recently the "Take This Project" was quietly relaunched as "Take This," along with a new website at www.takethis.org. Take This is a support group for gamers (though it doesn't specifically exclude those people who do not identify themselves as gamers), games journalists, game developers, and other industry professionals that suffer from depression, anxiety and other challenges associated with mental illness.

The web site gives visitors a place to read helpful articles on the subject, offers advice from mental health professionals, and gives those interested in sharing their stories a place to do so (which they can do anonymously if that makes them more comfortable).

You can learn why this group was formed by checking out this excellent report from Polygon from earlier this year, but here's a bit of the web site – the group's mission statement, if you will:

“It’s dangerous to go alone.”

An acknowledgement that the world can be a difficult place for anyone.

“Take this.”

An offer of help.

Depression and anxiety can be overwhelming, but so easily dismissed as “just feeling sad” or “needing to relax.” It’s far too easy to simply not talk about these problems. And so we suffer alone, quietly.

It’s dangerous to go alone.

“Take This” is meant as a helping hand. We’re here for empathy and support. We’ve been there. We’ve had loved ones who have been there. And we want to help. We want to talk. We want to hear from you. We want you to live the life you deserve.

Take this.

A "Take This" panel will be held at PAX East, April 11-13, 2014. Details on that are to be announced. You can learn more about Take This by visiting www.takethis.org.

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