3DS Purchased for 8-Year-Old Offers an Adult Surprise

Imagine buying your child a 3DS for Christmas and finding pornography on it… That's what happened to one parent, according to WAVY News 10. On Christmas morning Tom Mayhew's 8-year-old son decided to snap some pictures with his new 3DS. When he went to go look at the photos he'd taken he found a dozen pornographic images saved on the system.

"He went to play his games, not knowing anything was on it," Mayhew told the news station. "After a while, [the kids] took pictures of themselves and when the picture was taken it went to a file."

"It was a shocker because we had family here, and there were a lot of kids here," Mayhew continued. "The kids were the ones that discovered those pictures."

"There is no reason for them to be even really on there," he added. "It's disgusting for one. It seems that this was the only thing left on it."

Mayhew purchased the 3DS at a Wal-Mart in Hampton, Virginia and said the images were time-stamped for early December. He bought the 3DS on December 23. It's likely that the 3DS was a return that was restocked, but never checked by Wal-Mart employees.

Source: GameSpot

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