Battlefield 4 Banned in China

It should come as no shock that the Chinese government has banned Battlefield 4 – not that it ultimately matters to publisher Electronic Arts – the game isn't available in the region anyway. Earlier in the month the military criticized the unreleased DLC "China Rising," saying that it put the country in a bad light.

Recently the government decided that the DLC and the game were just not worthy to be played by its citizens. Translations by blogs in China indicate that the game had been banned on grounds of "national security" and the perception that it showed "aggression against the Chinese culture." The beef with Battlefield 4's DLC is mostly due to the storyline. In the DLC a Chinese military leader goes rogue and decides to attack American forces as part of a coup.

Commenting on the ban, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter called the ban a "non-event" for EA's bottom line because the game is not being sold in China. EA does do business in the region. China routinely censors games for various reasons including content it considers socially or culturally distasteful.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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