Campaign to Help Blizzard Dev Fight Cancer Within Striking Distance of Being Fully Funded

The YouCaring crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for Ron Nakada, the Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment who is battling through Stage IV colon cancer, is $1,242 from meeting its target funding goal. With 27 more days to go, the campaign has generated $23,758 of the $25,000 goal from 645 people.

The campaign launched by inXile employee John Alvarado is doing well thanks to stories here on GamePolitics, Kotaku, and on Polygon.

Recently organizer John Alvarado updated the campaign page to let everyone know how Ron is doing:

"Some people have asked if Ron is currently in the hospital and how he is doing. Ron’s treatment has mostly been outpatient, but he was in the hospital earlier this month with an emergency complication that required surgery. Thankfully, he came through that OK and was able to enjoy Christmas at home with his family.

I learned of Ron’s dire financial situation while visiting him during his recent hospital stay. I snapped the picture that appears on the fundraiser page during one of my visits. I wasn’t thinking of the fundraiser at that time. I just wanted to show my wife a picture of Ron wearing the beanie I had brought him, since she was unable to come with me that day. Although Ron had been feeling cold the day before, he actually had a fever when I arrived with the beanie. He still put it on and gave me a big smile for the picture.

Ron is doing as well as can be expected for someone battling cancer. It is a difficult journey, but his spirits are high and his faith is strong. He is ever so grateful for all the donations, and he is moved to tears by kind words that donors have posted on this site. Thank you for your awesome support!"

If you haven't already, please give whatever you can to help Ron and his family out. Or if you can't help out with a financial donation, simply share the link on Facebook, Google + and Twitter to get the word out.

Thanks to everyone who has donated already.

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