Hackers Take Down Multiple Game Servers in Pursuit of Twitch Streamer

The hacker group "DERP" has claimed responsibility for a series of DDoS attacks yesterday against multiple games and game services including League of Legends, EA.com, Battle.net, and other gaming sites. While all of the aforementioned sites were only downed for a short period of time (on average about 10-15 minutes), the real target of the attacks was a popular Twitch streamer known as Phantom L0rd.

According to a Reddit thread, the hacking group decided to harass the Twitch personality for the "lulz." Here's more from Reddit:

"A group called DERP is apparently DDoSing League of Legends NA/EU/OCE servers. They also took down Dota 2, Club Penguin, Battle.net, EA.com. They are taking down whatever game Phantoml0rd is playing (or perhaps, trying to play rolf). Most recent event is Phantoml0rd playing on OCE with stream fans and they took it down. On behalf of the League of Legends situation, it seems like they are directly attacking Internap network, Riot's service provider."

While some might forgive the general harassment to these services and to PhantomL0rd, the group escalated the campaign even further by posting PhantomL0rd's personal information online, and later calling the local police to his house claiming that a hostage situation was taking place. Local police showed up with automatic weapons and took Phantoml0rd into custody briefly before letting him go. Here's what he said about that:

"Just had an automatic pointed at me, put in hand cuffs, and sat in the back of a cop car as I watched as 6 policemen go through my whole house." He later posted that the situation had stabilized: "I'm good guys. More updates soon, promise."

This little prank will likely lead to a serious investigation by local and federal law enforcement. He also posted a video on YouTube describing the ordeal in more detail.

Source: GameSpot

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