Happy New Year!

On behalf of the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) and GamePolitics, we wish you a happy and safe New Year's Day. If you are old enough to party, then please don't party too hearty, don't drink and drive, and please try not to throw up on any plants or small animals if you did party a little more than you should have. We wish that all of your hopes and dreams for 2013 came true, but if they didn't don't let that get you down: tomorrow is the start of a new day in a brand new year.

To all of those who did good things this year; those who used their love of gaming to contribute in some small or large way to a charitable endeavor; those who fought for fundamental human rights; those who railed against the status quo for the sake of freedom; and those who stood up and risked everything for the greater good of their fellow man in 2013; we salute you and we encourage you to continue to fight the good fight.

Happy New Year!

"Happy New Year" image © 2013, 2014 Kjpargeter / Shutterstock.

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