Poll: The Perils of Buying a 3DS at Walmart

December 31, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Earlier this week we reported on a Virginia man who bought a 3DS from his local Walmart for his eight-year-old son. To his surprise, when his son and other children decided to look at some fresh photos they'd just snapped with the 3DS' camera on Christmas day, they discovered some rather naughty adult images. How those images got onto the 3DS in the first place is anyone's guess, but we have a theory: the 3DS was likely a return that was restocked by a Walmart employee who did not bother to check the system to see if it needed to be cleaned up in any way.

This week's poll asks the question, "You buy your kid a new 3DS from Walmart - What’s worse?" Is it terrible that you might find some pornography on a new 3DS purchase or that Walmart might have restocked it and sold it like it was brand new?

Or perhaps you're just ashamed that you bought a 3DS at Walmart? It could be worse - you could have bought it at Sears or JC Penney where your grandmother shops.

Anyway we'd like you to vote in our latest poll and then sound off in the comments of this article to give us your opinions or conspiracy theories on how this situation could have happened.

We'll detail the results in Episode 82 of the Super Podcast Action Committee.

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Re: Poll: The Perils of Buying a 3DS at Walmart

I went with finding out that its used. I mean y, finding porn on a device you intend to give to your kids is not a laughing matter and is seriously offensive, but i feel there is a difference in intent. Walmart didn't intend to give you porn, their crime is one of simple laziness; they just didn't bother to reset the used device. However when you sell something that's used as new, you make a conscious decision to cheat the customer out of their money; and i find that to be worst than just being lazy.

Not to mention that if the buyer knew the device was used, a parent would be more likely to think to check the device first before they gave it to their kid... Heck walmart could even continue to be lazy if they wanted; all they have to do is just warn the buyer that they might need to reset the device before they use it.

Granted, resetting the device should be one of their responsibilities. Afterall, they should be verifying the product still works before they resell it, so they might aswell reset it while they are it... really i once bought a used DS game from gamestop only to find the game was broken; didn't really think it was that much of a big deal since i was able to easily exchange it, but it was rather annoying since i bought the game for a road trip. Though again, that's laziness, which i feel is a step better than when they actually try to sell you an inferior product.

Re: Poll: The Perils of Buying a 3DS at Walmart

It's entirely possible the photos were on the SD card that comes with the system. So wiping the system memory wouldn't of wiped the SD card, instead they would of also had to go in and format it.

Re: Poll: The Perils of Buying a 3DS at Walmart

Buying it for a kid? Yeah, both would bother me. I'm not spending new prices for a used system\game.


Consumer responsibility is just as important as Corporate responsibility.

Re: Poll: The Perils of Buying a 3DS at Walmart

Honestly? Finding it used. Breasts and Penises aren't going to make a kid's brain explode. It's not going to scar them for life. It's all stuff that they will (Or read as SHOULD.. cause you know.. some schools and families...) learn about eventually.

Besides, the pictures on the 3DS can be deleted.

If I wanted to buy something used, I would of (if I lived in a area where one was accessible) gotten it from Gamestop, or something of the like. At the very least from Amazon, and not bloody Walmart.

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