Poll: The Perils of Buying a 3DS at Walmart

Earlier this week we reported on a Virginia man who bought a 3DS from his local Walmart for his eight-year-old son. To his surprise, when his son and other children decided to look at some fresh photos they'd just snapped with the 3DS' camera on Christmas day, they discovered some rather naughty adult images. How those images got onto the 3DS in the first place is anyone's guess, but we have a theory: the 3DS was likely a return that was restocked by a Walmart employee who did not bother to check the system to see if it needed to be cleaned up in any way.

This week's poll asks the question, "You buy your kid a new 3DS from Walmart – What’s worse?" Is it terrible that you might find some pornography on a new 3DS purchase or that Walmart might have restocked it and sold it like it was brand new?

Or perhaps you're just ashamed that you bought a 3DS at Walmart? It could be worse – you could have bought it at Sears or JC Penney where your grandmother shops.

Anyway we'd like you to vote in our latest poll and then sound off in the comments of this article to give us your opinions or conspiracy theories on how this situation could have happened.

We'll detail the results in Episode 82 of the Super Podcast Action Committee.

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