Ben Kuchera Joins Polygon

Former Penny Arcade Report writer Ben Kuchera has officially joined gaming site Polygon as its new Senior Opinion Editor. Kuchera's time with the editorial offshoot for the Penny Arcade site came to an end in November. In an article introducing himself to the Polygon community, Kuchera explained why he chose Polygon as his final destination amongst a number of options available to him.

"Being part of a company that's interested in good, high-quality content, and is willing to invest in that content? It's not just rare, it's just about unheard of. It already feels like home.

My entire career has been about shining a spotlight on the best parts of gaming, and trying to minimize all the worst parts of the same. Polygon's mission statement lines up perfectly with that goal, and their work in the first two years of the site has been amazing.

Writing opinion pieces for Polygon is just about the best job I could ever hope for, and I look forward to sharing my work with you and the site.

This is a very happy day. Let's get to work!"

And get to work he does with his first feature, an opinion piece about DayZ and the new business model of selling unfinished games via services such as Steam. As a hardcore fan of Starbound, I have to agree with 99 percent of what he has to say. The article, "Unfinished, unfair and brutally difficult: What developers should steal from DayZ," can be found here.

(Ben's picture via Polygon.)

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