Child’s Play Raises $7.6 Million in 2013

Child's Play, the charity dedicated to giving sick children in hospitals around the world toys and games to play with while they undergo surgeries of treatments for serious illnesses, announced that it managed to raise a record amount of money in 2013.

According to organizers, Child's Play raked in more than $7.6 million last year through events and community-driven fundraisers. That number represent a substantial increase over 2012 numbers of $5 million. Keep in mind that 2012 was a banner year for the charity, raking in more money than it had for the first time since its launch and more than the cumulative total for the organization's first six years in operation.

Much of that extra money came from organizations like the Humble Bundle – which allows purchasers to give a portion to charity and Extra Life, the annual gaming marathon event that encourages gamers to play games and get sponsors who pledge to give varying amounts.

Organizers did not reveal how much of that $7.6 million goes to administrative costs. To-date Child's Play has raised $25 million. No doubt the organization hopes to outdo last year's haul… Congratulations to Child's Play for continuing to raise money for a good cause and to the community without whom such big numbers would not be possible.

Source: Polygon

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