Rogue Co-Creator Helps Select ‘Ultimate Roguelike’ Contest Winner

Here's a pretty cool story from Gamasutra – and a particularly awe inspiring thing if you happen to be someone developing a roguelike game. Glenn Wichman, one of the original co-creators of the super popular 1980s dungeon-crawler Rogue, served as a judge on the "Ultimate Roguelike Challenge" competition.

Wichman helped to pick the winner in the competition, which charged competitors with creating a unique take on the genre that he helped to make an industry standard. Organized by Bungie art director Christopher "Oryx" Barrett, the competition saw participants creating games using the same tileset. The judges included Wichman, Barrett, and Cardinal Quest creator Ido Yehieli.

So who was the big winner? A game called Adventuring Company from Slothwerks. The game is available for Android devices and playable on the web.

All of the entries can be found on the official website, at

Source: Gamasutra

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