Japanese Man Arrested for Forcing Nine-Year-Old to Play Grand Theft Auto

A Japanese man has been arrested for allegedly forcing his young stepson to play Grand Theft Auto while his mother was not at home. The Kyoto, Japan resident, a 28 year-old male nurse named Maasa Kawabata forced his nine year-old son to play Grand Theft Auto IV for two-to-three weeks, with each gaming session lasting about two or three hours a day. All of this occurred while his mother was outside the home. He also apparently told the boy that he was "stupid," a "moron," and that he should "die" whenever his mother was not around.

The mother left Kawabata back in April after the boy was diagnosed as suffering from  dysautonomia brought on by stress from playing the game. In June the mother reported the man to police, who finally arrested him this week.

Kawabata denied the allegations that he forced the boy to play the game, saying that, "I did not force him to play the game."

Reports out of Japan are unclear as to what brought on the boy's illness – playing the game or being emotionally abused, but they do play up the violence in Rockstar's gritty crime opus. 

Grand Theft Auto IV is rated "Z" by the country's ratings board, the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization. The rating means that it is designated for those 18-years-old or older.

Source: Kotaku by way of mthiel

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