‘School Shooting’ Co-Creator Responds to Reports That His Game Inspired Adam Lanza

Kotaku has an interesting (and exclusive) interview with one of the creators of "School Shooting," a crappy top-down shooter game that was highlighted prominently by news media outlets as one of the games that Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza had on his computer.

The 18-year-old, identified only as "Jason" because he asked Kotaku not to release his full name (for fear that the game would hurt his chances of getting into college or getting a job in the future) said that the game built in Game Maker took about a week to develop and was barely playable.

He was shocked when he learned that the shooter, who would go on to kill twenty children and six adults in a December 2012 school shooting that shocked the nation, had played a game he made, but doubted the veracity of claims that the game inspired Lanza to do anything. He said that the game was barely playable and that the gameplay was rudimentary at best.

So how did Lanza get this game? Apparently Jason posted the game to a thread about Super Columbine Massacre. He suspects that Lanza found it there, but given its quality probably played it once and never looked at it again.

As for his feelings about the game possibly inspiring Lanza, he said he doesn't believe it and does not regret making the game. Ultimately the only thing controversial about "School Shooting," was the headline-grabbing title.

"I don't regret making the game at all, because I never knew this would happen," Jacob told Kotaku. "I never thought, in a million years, in one of the deadliest school shootings, the shooter would have played my game.

"He probably only played it once," Jacob added, "and then just left it floating around."

You can read the entire interview here.

(imagine via Kotaku)

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