Sony: PS4’s Slight Lead Over Xbox One ‘No Big Deal’

PlayStation marketing VP John Koller says that the PlayStation 4's early lead over the Xbox One is not a big deal. Koller tells CVG that his company is not focused on any advantage it has at this early stage of the new console cycle.

"We look at it really just introspectively. The '4.2 million' number is important because it gets us further towards our goal," Koller said. "And that goal is the largest install base we can possibly get–to encourage publishers and developers to continue to make great game experiences for PS4."

"I mean, sure, we all look at the competition and see where people are, but for us we've got to keep growing, getting bigger and bigger," Koller added. "I think we've got a great opportunity specifically because we've got a great product."

Koller also said that the freshly announced PlayStation Now cloud-based game streaming service built by Gaikai will not disenfranchise future consoles.

"We've been very open and bullish on physical consoles. So I don't think PS Now necessarily disenfranchises future consoles in any way," Koller said. "But it does, I think, show our willingness to try and focus on content as primary."

Sony and Microsoft announced sales numbers for the end of 2013, with Sony claiming to move 4.2 million PS4 system and Microsoft claiming 3 million sales of Xbox One systems.

Source: GameSpot

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