Pfizer Running Clinical Trials Using Akili Interactive Labs Game

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is using video games created by Akili Interactive Labs in a clinical trial with Alzheimer’s patients to see if it can help detect the early signs of the disease. Pfizer plans to conduct a clinical trial with 100 elderly participants with and without "the presence of amyloid in their brains, based on Positron Emission Tomography imaging," according to a company statement.

The trial will use a mobile game called Evo Challenge, which charges players with navigating a character on a platform around a series of obstacles and collecting different colored tokens and coins.

"A tool that enables cognitive monitoring for the selection and assessment of clinical trial patients has the potential to be an important advance in Alzheimer’s research and beyond," Michael Ehlers, Chief Scientific Officer of the Neuroscience Research Unit at Pfizer said in the statement.

Akili is also working with Shire Pharmaceuticals to study the game with ADHD patients.

More details about Akili's game can be found here.

Source: Medicity News

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