Pizza Hut Makes $1 Million in Four Months with Xbox 360 App

Pizza Hut says that it added $1 million in sales in the four months after launching a Kinect-enabled app on Xbox 360 that allowed gamers to order Pizza for delivery. The company said that the app was so successful that it has begun talking to other companies about the possibility of deploying similar apps on additional platforms – though it didn't drop any specific names.

Doug Terfehr, director of public relations for Pizza Hut, said in an interview with Polygon that the app was an unbelievable source for growth.

"It's been a source of unbelievable growth for us," said Doug Terfehr, director of public relations for Pizza Hut, in an interview with Polygon. "Just the explosion of people who wanted to download it, experiment with it, play with it with Kinect. As soon as we did one, everyone was contacting us to do the next [one]."

At the moment Pizza Hut is focusing on improving the experience customers have with its apps on iOS and Android devices so that it matches the experience Xbox 360 users get with the app on that platform.

Ultimately Pizza Hut says that gaming has proved to be a sweet spot for the company to leverage:

"When you talk about a sweet spot for the pizza category it's definitely gamers and gaming," Terfehr said. "We're not done in that space."

Source: Polygon

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