Robert Bowling Thwarts Robbery at Robotoki Offices

Former Call of Duty series Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has had some interesting moments since leaving Infinity Ward and joining game developer Robotoki, but some of them have often involved the LAPD.

In a recent tweet Bowling detailed his latest late-night fun at the LA-based offices of game developer Robotoki: while working late the other night someone decided to break in and rob the place. They didn't realize that someone was still in the office but were shocked to see Bowling get up from his desk and bolt towards the door they had just knocked the glass out of.

Here's what Bowling said about it on Twitter:

For added fun, here's a short video from a surveillance camera that caught the crime as it happened.

This is the second time that the LAPD has shown up at the offices in the middle of the night to be met by Bowling, but last time they put him in handcuffs; back in 2013 a designer accidently activated the alarm in the building. Bowling, who was working late, was subdued by police as a precaution. They had a memorable stand-off with a window-facing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 statue too. It almost got put down…

Hopefully this will be the last time anyone breaks into the building, sets off an alarm, or does anything else that might bring the LAPD knocking and armed to the teeth. Anyway, we're glad Bowling is safe and unharmed by police or idiots who are trying to rob his company!

Source: Joystiq

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