IGDA Applauds South Australian Government’s Decision to Take Down Anti-Videogame Billboards

The International Game Developers association passed a long a statement praising the South Australian government for its decision to take down billboard ads which compared gaming to gambling. On December 18 the international organization joined Australian video games trade group the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) in its vocal opposition to the ads, which both groups called anti-game propaganda.

At the time, the IGDA said that the South Australian government’s outdoor billboard advertising campaign, 'GAMBLING starts with GAMES' falsely attacked "video games as leading to gambling." Interestingly enough, a recent study by the government on the correlation between gaming and gambling concluded that there's no connection between the two – something both groups pointed out.

The Anti-Censorship and Social Issues Committee of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) applauded the government of South Australia for agreeing to remove the "false and misleading billboards which demonized video game creators and players." South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill announced that the government would stop the ad campaign. The group also praised the efforts of the IGEA.

Finally the group called on the government to stop its campaign to censor games:

"We also call on the Australian government to finally end their failed policy of censoring video games. The Australian government is wrong to treat Australian adults like children by forbidding games. To the Australian government's credit, they have begun to dismantle their game censorship regime. However, it still remains the worst in the Western world and continues to violate the free speech rights of both game developers and the Australian voters. It's time for Australia to join the rest of the free world by finally rejecting video game censorship."

You can check out the IGDA's full statement on the matter here.

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