Report: 2K Czech Prague Office Closed, Some Staff Moved to Other Studios

Eurogamer has confirmed with 2K Games that the headquarters of 2K Czech in Prague (where Mafia 3 was rumored to be in development) has been closed and some of the staff has been moved to its offices in Brno. Some staff were laid off as well.

"We have relocated and consolidated our 2K Czech team from our Prague facility to centralize resources in our location in Brno. Additionally, we are transferring some development resources from Prague and Brno to 2K headquarters in Novato, CA," said 2K in a statement sent to Eurogamer.

"This transition will both strengthen the integration of the 2K Czech team with our award winning development teams, and better align cross-functional business practices. As part of this realignment, we are adjusting our staffing levels, resulting in the elimination of some positions."

Just how many positions were eliminated is unknown as of this writing.

Eurogamer is also reporting that ten key developers from 2K Czech are being relocated to 2K's main office in Novato, California. 2K Games did not comment on this part of the story, but it seems to indicated that development of the game might be coming to America. Stay tuned.

Source: Eurogamer

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