Community Reacts Negatively to Strict SimCity Modding Rules

Electronic Arts has released guidelines for what kinds of content the community can create using the new SimCity mod tools. To say that these rules put limits on the creativity of the community is probably an understatement. According to EA's guidelines the community is basically limited to cosmetic changes, such as reskins of buildings.

One of the rules states that modders can't create mods that "jeopardize the integrity of the gameplay or harm the experience of others." Another overbroad guideline says that mods can not affect "multiplayer games and multiplayer features, such as leaderboards or trading with other players."

Still another rules states that mods cannot modify "any .com, .exe, .dll, .so or other executable files."

The rules also prevent players from creating an offline-only single-player version of the game..

To say that community reaction to the rules has been negative is the first understatement of 2014.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

You can read responses to these rules here.

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    DorthLous says:

    You forgot the best one. All SimCity mods belongs to them to do whatever they want with it, freely, use your name and info to promote it and they can tell you to stop distributing it whenever they want. AH!

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    grenaid says:

    It's funny: modding is sort of the antithesis of their model.  It would mean admitting to UI deficiencies, or the absurdity of selling building skins for IRL cash.  "Pirating" DLC is just a skin swap away, right?

    In a way, I see what they are going for.  I can retool an mmos UI to some extant (and I loved WoW for that) but you can't typically create your own dungeon.  They really do still seem to have multiplayer at the forfront of their mind.

    But I also remember the crazy fun of running around in Jedi acadmy multiplayer blasting away at Morpheus or Yuna or any number of fan created models.  They can't allow that kind of fun to happen or their DLC opportunities will vaporize.  But that in turn makes the game less fun, and thus worth less to a potential buyer.

    That said (and horse armor jokes aside) its pretty clear there is market for Skyrim DLC even with some pretty ambitious fan mods like Skywind.  They don't need to clash.  EA just needs to loosen the reins/reign a little bit.

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    prh99 says:

    I am a little surprised to hear they have a community left to annoy after pretty much doing everything wrong when they released Sim City followed by tone deaf responses to criticism and out right lies to justify their mistakes.

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