Microsoft’s Whitten Excited About Oculus and Steam Machines

Xbox Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten tells Engadget that he isn't too overly concerned about two of the biggest things coming out of CES last week: Oculus VR's latest prototype ("Crystal Cove") and Valve's Steam Machines. In an interview with the publication, Whitten said that he's excited about both initiatives and that their entry into gaming can only bring good things to the industry.

"This is literally the most golden of golden ages that I've ever seen around gaming," Whitten said an interview this week at CES 2014. "I think this is what makes gaming great. And you love seeing the passion of seeing someone like Palmer [Luckey] and those guys at Oculus. And seeing someone like John Carmack get on and really be focused on it is great. I don't know how it could be anything but good."

Whitten also isn't concerned that either of these products will "cannibalize" Xbox One sales.

"It's just gonna increase the surface area, and I think that's an incredible thing," Whitten said.

Source: CVG

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