Poll Results: Will Nintendo Kill Region Free Work-Around?

Last week we asked our readers, "Will Nintendo try to quash the work-around for the 3DS region lock?" The voting was almost evenly split between two trains of thought: that Nintendo would patch out its region lock in a firmware update or that Nintendo would find some way to kill the work-around devised by the 3DS community because it doesn't like to make money.

Forty-four percent of voters chose the option, "Of course it will. Nintendo doesn’t want any more of your money," while 39 percent chose, "Nintendo will patch out the region lock in a subsequent firmware update!" Finally 16 percent chose "Of course not. Nintendo wants you to give it more money!"

For a more in-depth discussion on the topic, check out the latest episode of the Super Podcast Action Committee.

Look for a brand new poll later this week and thanks to all of you who participated in last week's poll!

("Vote" image © 2014 Shutterstock.com)

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