EA on Track to Win Worst Company in America Award for Third Year in a Row

In calling for nominations for this year's "The Worst Company in America" awards, awards host The Consumerist says that Electronic Arts might be in the running for winning the dubious distinction for a third year in a row. According to the publication, EA is already getting a lot of nominations in the early part of the process.

Last year the company won the award, much to the chagrin of executives at the company like EA Studios EVP Patrick Soderlund, outgoing US PR head Jeff Brown, and Peter Moore, who all defended the company and denied that they worked for "the worst company in the U.S."

"We haven’t even begun to ask for nominations from readers for the next Worst Company In America tournament, but some are already making the case for once again giving the Golden Poo trophy to reigning two-time WCIA winner Electronic Arts," said The Consumerist. "While EA’s growth in recent years has been positive, the way the company treats its customer base may be dooming the video game publisher to another season the WCIA finals."

The publication goes on to say that EA's decision to mostly ignore these awards has not served the company well…

Source: The Consumerist

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Lemme guess – you thought giving Obama a Nobel Peace prize for doing absolutely nothing whatsoever was a good idea, too – "what if he brought peace somewhere?"

    I don't know what world YOU live in, but I was raised on the idea that you don't say someone deserves a particular treatment based on what they MIGHT do – only on what they DID do.

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    Monte says:

    It doesn't so much absolve them, but you can not treat them like they are the equals. EA's greedy business practices do make them look like a bunch of jerks, but they are not causing real harm to others the way a lot of other companies do. Really, what's worst, EA not giving simcity an offline mode, or companies that exploit poorly paid chinese workers to handle their production? EA churning out the same games year after year with barely any difference, or the energy company that ends up spilling tons of oil into the ocean? EA's methods of DRM, or the companies that helped cause economic collapse with their actions?

    Honestly… EA are indeed jerks to their customers, but nothing they do can even compare to what a lot of other corporations have done. You could call EA the worst game publisher, but no way is it close to being the worst company in general.

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    Cyberdodo says:

    But what if EA were to expand into the energy and fast food industries? Would they still be harmless?

    Just because their product (electronic entertainment) is harmless shouldn't absolve them of behavior that would do massive harm in a more dangerous industry.


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    jedidethfreak says:

    What's hilarious to me is that the people WRITING THE ARTICLE for the magazine don't seem to grasp this – they seem to think the reward is earned whole-heartedly by EA!  That, somehow, Battlefield 4 having buggy online at launch is measurably worse than Walmart dropping thousands of full-time employees to part-time to avoid ObamaCare mandates.

    Is EA some shining beacon of corporate good?  Not by a longshot.  However, in no way could anyone reasonably look at the things EA has done, compare it to the things ACTUALLY BAD COMPANIES have done, and say EA is worse.

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    Ivresse says:

    To quote Men In Black: ‘A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.’

    This is just another example why public voting just doesn’t work for these sort of things, especially Internet-based public voting, it’s what ruined the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s what ruined Strictly Come Dancing, it’s what ruins this award. People, especially those in the current generation who reside on the internet, only seem to care about what affects them personally, they couldn’t frankly give a shite about the way a company treats other people that are outside their own sphere of influence.

    It s just not right that EA should take the public ire for actions which compared to other actions going on in this world are frankly insignificant. Hell, Skynet could become active and launch judgement day on the rest of the world apart from the US, EA would still win the award for DRM issues…

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    Oxide_Renegade says:

    Working for a company and Buying from a company are 2 completely separate things. There Fortune compiled a list of the top 100 places to work for, which is different from the link you shared which was soley based on equality, not by benefits, pay, and overall happiness. http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/best-companies/2013/list/?iid=bc_sp_full

    But in regards to consumers, yes they are over reacting but that it also due to their marketing failing as they are used to marketing to corporate heads and it gets misconstrued. And because of them being one of the first companies to use the Online Pass(charging those who buy used games to access multiplayer content), having sports games which come out annually with very few changes yet they charge you the full price, and also introducing micro transactions have given themselves the bad reputation of being a greedy company who only wants your money.  

    So in the end are they evil? no but their failure of marketing correctly has caused them to be seen as such.

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    erthwjim says:

    But gamers are some of the most vocal complainers, and something like the consumerist, that calls for nominations, is not quite something I would consider accurate. I wouldn't even put it past 4chan to be behind pushing EA to the front. Perhaps if it were a survey where random people were asked to pick their top 10 or top 3 worst companies, the results would be different, or even if they asked gamers via various forums to rate the game companies they thought were the worse it would be different as well. But they seem to make it more like a ladder tournament which can be seen here:


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    jedidethfreak says:

    I personally think that anyone who honestly thinks EA is the worst company in America – in a time when McDonald's is getting caught using Pink Slime and energy corporations are taking government money, declaring bankruptcy and being sold to Chinese companies – is an absolute moron and should be declared mentally incompetent.

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