Take This Talk at GDC: ‘How to Depression-Proof Your Studio Culture’

Take This founder and president Russ Pitts (who also happens to be the Features Editor at Polygon) will give a talk at the 2014 Game Developers Conference entitled "How to Depression-Proof Your Studio Culture." The one-hour talk is part of this year's "advocacy" track, and offers some perspective on issues related to depression in the workplace and how both employees and employers can best deal with it. The talk will also discuss the general stigma associated with mental illness and seeking treatment, and how everyone can do their part to shed some light on these serious issues.

The date and time for the "How to Depression-Proof Your Studio Culture" talk is to be announced. You can learn more about it by checking out the GDC schedule. For more information on Take This, visit www.takethis.org. The website offers testimonials and personal stories from members, and helpful links for getting treatment.

GDC 2014 takes place March 17 – 21 at the San Francisco Moscone Center in the wonderful city of San Francisco.

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