Area 5 Seeks Funding for ‘Outerlands: Season One’ Documentary Series About Games and Culture

A crowd-funding campaign has launched today on Kickstarter to fund Area 5's latest project – a documentary series called Outland on the people and culture of videogames. The details on just what aspects of gaming culture the series will cover is fairly vague, but the group hints at covering some interesting topics like game preservation efforts and movements, and eSports. Area 51 is made up of former 1UP personalities Ryan O'Donnell, Matt Chandronait, Jason Bertrand, Cesar Quintero, and Rick Curnutte.

So far the project has generated $47,973, with the goal of raising $210,000 by February 15. Judging by the number of mentions the project is getting at gaming sites, forums, and on Facebook and Twitter, it looks like it is on track to meet that goal. Area 51 says that the project should take about 18 months to create, with the first six months spent dealing with pre-production.

If a stretch goal of $300,000 is met Area 51 will spend the money on freelance writers and artist – to uncover more and interesting stories that fit into the theme of the series, and bring in some familiar talent including Fez creator and composer Phil Fish and Disasterpeace and Sound Shapes composer Jim Guthrie on board.

Considering that the Kickstarter is seeking funding for "Season One," one can assume that – if the Kickstarter and subsequent documentary series are successful – this will just be the beginning of Area 5's newest endeavor. You can learn more about Outland by visiting the Kickstarter page or by watching the pitch video to your left.

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