Poll: Did SimCity’s Offline Mode Really Require Six Months of Work to Implement?

Last year, Electronic Arts launched its new SimCity game and even though it is and always has been a predominantly single player game, the new title had no offline mode.  This decision was so unpopular that it's likely the major reason EA earned the Consumerist's Worst Company in America award for the second year in a row.

Over half a year later, EA has announced that the next update to SimCity will add an offline mode so gamers can play the game the way most of them wanted to in the first place.

Some may question why it took so darn long.  After all, hackers had shown that the game could be played without going online and that the whole "all the calculations are being done in the cloud!" thing was a bunch of bunk.

According to EA, "while someone was able to remove the 'time check' shortly after launch, they were unable to perform key actions like communicating with other cities that they had created locally, or with the rest of their region(s), or even saving the current state of their cities."  In other words, the game was designed to be online and getting it to run offline with important features like saving the game was truly a lot of hard work.

But what do you think?  Do you believe EA?  If not, why do you think it took so long?  Low priority?  Developer incompetence?  Rampant locust attacks at Maxis HQ?

Whatever your humble and well-informed opinion may be, please share it with us in the comments below or in an email to us at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com.  EZK and I will share the poll results and your thoughts along with our own on next week's podcast.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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