Public Knowledge Appoints New President

Public Knowledge on Thursday announced that former Justice Department antitrust official Gene Kimmelman has joined the watchdog group as its new president. Kimmelman has long been a leading proponent of net neutrality, and given the recent Appeals Court decision striking down part of the FCC's rules in its Open Internet Order, Public Knowledge and other organizations that support Net Neutrality need all the help they can get.

Kimmelman was a longtime telecommunications policy insider in Congress, worked for the public interest group Consumers Unions, and served at the Justice Department. He helped tame decades-old telecom laws and worked to defeat AT&T’s proposed bid for T-Mobile two years ago.

He has been a strong advocate of net neutrality, is against cable television bundling, and supports and promotes new Internet technologies, such as video service Aereo.

As president of the group, Kimmelman's first order of business will be to lobby former Public Knowledge president Gigi Sohn, who is now serving as special counsel in the office of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

"Gene Kimmelman’s selection as President and CEO of Public Knowledge ought to reignite the flame of every reformer’s commitment to the public interest," said Public Knowledge board member and former Democratic FCC commissioner Michael Copps. "Whatever Gene does, he does with incredible intelligence, wonderful good judgment, and experience that few can match."

Source: Washington Post

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