Watch Your Back, Cheaters: Rockstar Promises Bans for GTA Online Money Cheaters

Rockstar Games said that those individuals who are using money cheats in Grand Theft Auto Online can expect a swift and unmerciful ban. In a new blog post the company said that those who have used exploits and cheats to secure mountains of illegally-gained funds better watch out. They called the large influx of cash from cheating "game-breaking" and "disruptive to the overall experience."

"We will continue to issue title updates on an ongoing basis to counter the negative impact this has had on gameplay, and as part of today's maintenance period, we are removing the counterfeit GTA$ from the game's economy," Rockstar noted on its blog.

"Anyone who innocently received GTA$ as a result of these exploits but did not engage in cheating to acquire it will not face any further action – the funds will just be removed, and you'll be able to keep any items you currently own."

Those who are determined to have cheated knowingly can expect to be "subject to in-game penalties at our discretion" including being put on a cheaters-only server or being banned forever from the game.

Rockstar also published a FAQ on how the removal of illicit funds may affect your in-game bank balance.

Source: Eurogamer

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    Longjocks says:

    While I don't like exploiters, the onus is on Rockstar to fix these things (or maybe provide more extensive QA before release). People will always push the limits of your game and find where it breaks. They also want to move on up and unlock all the cool stuff in the game – quite natural behaviour. Banning is hardly the answer, just use them as lessons in how to build more robust code.

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    Cyberdodo says:

    Rockstar, welcome to the world of online games.  Publishing an online version of a popular offline game is not a real-world exploit for making huge piles of free profits.


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