League of Legends Earned $624 Million in 2013

According to sales numbers in a report from SuperData, Riots Games' popular MOBA game League of Legends generated $624 million in 2013, beating out such big brand name games as Dungeon Fighter Online, World of Tanks, Maplestory, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike Online and World of Warcraft – just to name a few.

While the numbers are pretty impressive, League of Legends was not the most lucrative online game in the world during 2013: that honor goes to CrossFire, an online shooter from South Korean developer SmileGate that earned $957 million.

Most of the games that topped SuperData's list do the majority of their business in Korea and in Asia.

You can check out the full list below, but it should be noted that the report does not cover money paid for subscriptions – at least for World of Warcraft. If that data were included, Blizzard's MMO would likely be at the top of this list (the data only covers micro-transaction within Blizzard's game):

1. CrossFire – $957 million
2. League of Legends – $624 million
3. Dungeon Fighter Online – $426 million
4. World of Tanks – $372 million
5. Maplestory – $326 million
6. Lineage – $257 million
7. World of Warcraft – $213 million
8. Star Wars: The Old Republic – $139 million
9. Team Fortress 2 – $139 million
10. CounterStrike Online – $121 million

Source: GII

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