UK Prime Minister’s Children ‘Banned’ From Technology, Video Games, and Miley Cyrus

In an interview published on Sunday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron revealed that his children are banned from video games and technology. Noting that he worries about the effects of technology on his young children, the Prime Minister says that his children are banned from playing video games, using mobile phones and tablets. He also is apparently no longer a fan of Miley Cyrus because he doesn't want his children to know what "twerking is." On that we can probably agree…

Cameron goes on to talk about his TV viewing habits, the bible, other rules he puts on his children, and how he occasionally lets his children use tablets.

"We have rules," Cameron said. "At the weekend: no television in the morning. We don't do morning TV – they should be doing something." He added that his son Elwen plays football and rugby, while his daughter Nancy was taking part in an amateur opera.

You can find the whole interview on The Guardian.

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