Former Call of Duty, God of War Developers Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for ‘To The Death’

Former Call of Duty and God of War developers are teaming up to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a fighting game called "To The Death." As the name implies, To The Death is a fighting game for PC and Mac that promises to combine the best elements from first-person shooters and beat 'em ups with blazingly fast gameplay running at 60 FPS. The game is being developed jointly by Scary Mostro ( and Section Studios (, whose members have worked on such hit franchises as the Call of Duty and the God of War series.

Clearly this game will be heavily influenced by both popular franchises. In the game, players take on the role of two warriors who have killed each other in battle but refuses to lay down and die until their revenge is realized. Here's more from the Kickstarter description of the game:

Coming to Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux, To The Death fuses the beat'em up and shoot'em up genres into something new and refreshing, offering a host of fun, innovative gameplay mechanics all at 60 frames per second! You switch between playing as two great warriors who have killed each other but have a vendetta so deep, it continues after death.

Explore the world of the Crawl alternating between both warriors, conquering and discovering new levels, dynamically zooming in to fight and zooming out to shoot wave after wave of enemies that change each time you play. Attack and defend with precision, having full 360 degree control of where you swing, shoot, and defend. Get a quick fix alone, play co-op for hours with a friend, or battle to the death with some intense new ways to play multiplayer.

Build up both warriors on-the-fly with new powers, weapons, and ways to influence the balance into your favor. Swap out your gun for one that stuns enemies, then bring them to you with your magnetic shield upgrade, and finish the group of bad guys off with your sword’s spin attack! Be creative and use your chosen abilities in many different powerful combinations.

You can find out more about the game and the crowdfunding campaign here or you can watch the pitch video to your left. The game is being developed for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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