Operation Supply Drop Gives $15k of Indies Games to Active Military

Military-focused gaming charity Operation Supply Drop is kicking off 2014 with a nifty new initiative called Indies for Courage, which hopes to get independently developed video games into the hands of Armed Forces. The initiative created by respected Indie gamer and critic "Indie Gamer Chick" has rallied a team of indie developers to donate $15,000 in Steam and Desura codes. These codes have been handed off to military gaming charity Operation Supply Drop to include with their monthly "supply drops" to soldiers serving in combat zones and recovering in military hospitals.

"When I came up with the idea of Indies for Courage, I think a lot of people would have been surprised that it could raise nearly $15,000 worth of games in a matter of weeks," Indie Gamer Chick stated. "But I wasn't. I've seen the generosity of this community…and because of their efforts, the unsung heroes of our armed services will now have access to some of the best unsung games out there…"

The developers involved in this initiative include Ska Studios (Charlie Murder, Vampire Smile), Fallen Tree Games (Quell Momento), Zen Studios (Castle Storm, Pinball FX2), Zeboyd Games (Breath of Death VII, Cthulu Saves the World), Phoenix Online Studios (Silver Lining, Cognition), Angry Gam3rs (Rofaxan 2089 AD), Tragnarion (Scourge Outbreak), Air Wave Games (Spoids), Space Budgie (9.03m), Super Soul (Compromised), Brooks Bishop (Aeternum), and the biggest donation of all coming from Blue Bottle Games (Neo-Scavenger).

You can learn more about all the wonderful work that this charity does by visiting www.operationsupplydrop.org.

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