Andrew Eisen: Nintendo Fanboy Reacts To Wii U Woes

Andrew Eisen is a bit of a Nintendo fanboy (see his ongoing list of games "not on Wii U"), so his latest video in the midst of all the bad news about Nintendo's Wii U sales during Christmas and its subsequent walking back of Wii U and 3DS sales estimate for the fiscal year is not surprising at all.

Here's the lead-in from Andrew's YouTube channel:

"The Wii U isn't selling well! Nintendo's stocks are down! It's looking at an operating loss of 25 billion yen! Will Satoru Iwata step down? Will Nintendo go third party? Will the Wii U survive?"

Maybe he has some answers to these burning questions? Watch the video to your left to find out.

You can subscribe to Andrew's YouTube channel right here.


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