Andrew Eisen: Nintendo Fanboy Reacts To Wii U Woes

Andrew Eisen is a bit of a Nintendo fanboy (see his ongoing list of games "not on Wii U"), so his latest video in the midst of all the bad news about Nintendo's Wii U sales during Christmas and its subsequent walking back of Wii U and 3DS sales estimate for the fiscal year is not surprising at all.

Here's the lead-in from Andrew's YouTube channel:

"The Wii U isn't selling well! Nintendo's stocks are down! It's looking at an operating loss of 25 billion yen! Will Satoru Iwata step down? Will Nintendo go third party? Will the Wii U survive?"

Maybe he has some answers to these burning questions? Watch the video to your left to find out.

You can subscribe to Andrew's YouTube channel right here.


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    hellfire7885 says:

    Same reaction I tend to have, I'm too busy enjoying the games it does have to bitch about what it doesn't have, which can really go to any console.

    "Nintendo doesn't innovate, all their stuff gimmicky."


    Well, to be honest the game industry it chock full of gimmicky shit. From touch screens to motion controls to game mechanics to even genres of games, you can chuck a stone in any random direction and hit something gimmicky, from sixaxis to Skylanders to motion controls to any other number of peripheral devices.


    And don't mistake Nintendo using their core franchises as laziness or lack of innovation, it's more that Nintendo knows not to fuck with what isn't broken. Zelda isn't broken, Mario isn't broken, Smash Bros isn't broken, Mario Kart isn't broken, I won't get into Metroid as that one is debatable, but they change what needs to be changed, story, enemies, some mechanics, and they leave the core stuff alone, be it jumping, exploring, swordplay… they care about a fun game the most.

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    Zen says:

    Have to say this is actually a really good response to it honestly.  I agree that Nintendo needs to make a more active effort in many ways in regards to their business, but the whole thing comes down to a personal enjoyment with the games that should make up your thoughts about the Wii U, not sales numbers.  The Wii U has pretty much become THE system in my house now with myself and the kids always using it in some manner be it for single player, multiplayer, Netflix, Wii Fit U, the web browser (honestly took the place of our tablets), and more.  We have over 30 physical games, just about that many digital ones, and even more that carried over from the Wii so there hasn't been a lack of content to play.  

    I do see room for improvement and a need for some changes, but I don't see them going out of business any time soon.  Most consoles lose more than this for years and aren't called failures, their CEO's aren't called to leave, and doom articles don't spring up like they seem to for Nintendo these days.  Oh well, back to more Mario 3D World lol. :)

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