DayZ Creator Continues to Discourage Early Adoption of Alpha Release

Even though the alpha version of his game is selling like hotcakes through Steam's Early Access program, DayZ creator Dean Hall continues to urge people not to buy his game right now. During a Reddit AMA yesterday, Hall said that people should wait a month or longer as bugs get squashed and features are refined. Right now he see the game as twenty percent of what he imagines the final version of the game will be.

"When climbing [Everest], I wasn't the leader," DayZ developer Dean 'Rocket' Hall remembers, wistfully. "When something goes wrong with DayZ, I'm the one person who can't avoid the issue or pass it on to someone else. The price will not change, but the game will get better. It is a promising concept now, but it is not a good game."

Hall also said during the AMA that early releases to the public have their own set of challenges and he's still on the fence about whether its a good idea or not.

"There are massive icebergs sitting around it waiting to be hit. I think some projects are going to hit those and those issues will need to be addressed."

You can check out all Hall had to say about his creation on Reddit.

Source: Escapist

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