Federal Court Overturns Jury Verdict in Antonick v. EA

January 24, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

A U.S. Federal Court judge has overturned the findings of a federal jury who ruled in favor of original Madden programmer Robin Antonick against Electronic Arts back in July of 2012. The jury came to the conclusion that Antonick, who served as the original programmer for the game since its first game until 1996, was owed royalties because subsequent games after his departure from the company used the same features created by the programmer when the game was first developed. 

But this week U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer of San Francisco nullified the nearly $4 million in damages, plus interest that could have exceeded $7 million that the Jury awarded Antonick.

Judge Breyer, who presided over the jury trial, ruled that jurors had no basis for their conclusion because they were never shown the games side-by-side as is typically required for a copyright infringement case. As a result, the jurors had no basis for their verdict, the judge said.

Lawyers for Antonick said their client will appeal the verdict, adding, "The evidence showed they used his source code without permission." Obviously EA is happy with the decision.

Source: SF Gate


Re: Federal Court Overturns Jury Verdict in Antonick v. EA

Wait, so the judge was only allowing one outcome? Why have the jury then?

Re: Federal Court Overturns Jury Verdict in Antonick v. EA

i don't see why you would need to show the games side by side.  if one contains code taken from the other without permission it's pretty black and white.  Now if the code was never shown.. Then sure, lets get it looked at. I don't see why this is a full flip.  Does the judicial system not allow for a retrail in circumstances like this rather than completely invalidating the lower courts decision?

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