Indie Developer Claims King Cloned its Game

Matt Cox of Stolen Goose claims that Candy Crush Sage maker King copied one of his games after the two companies failed to close on a publishing deal. Matthew Cox, one member of indie studio Stolen Goose, alleges that publisher directly copied his game, Scamperghost.

On his personal website, Cox recently wrote that that Stolen Goose was at one time in talks with King's vice president of mobile game Lars Jornow to bring Scamperghost to King's RoyalGames portal. During negotiations, Stolen Goose decided to use, after negotiations for the game failed to produce a publishing deal.

Cox goes on to claim that King then had another developer, EpicShadow, clone Scamperghost to create Pac-Avoid. In an email to Stolen Goose about the situation, Jornow explained that King had decided to sponsor a similar game. When Cox emailed Pac-Avoid's developer, EpicShadow, he was told that the second developer was asked by King to clone the game.

"First off, sorry that we cloned your game for Lars of," wrote EpicShadow's Matt Porter in an email. "Lars approached us one day explaining that you (Stolen Goose) had signed a contract, had been working with him on finishing the deal, and then got a better deal and backed out. He asked us to clone the game very quickly, and even wanted to beat the release of the original game."

In responding to this story, Porter told VentureBeat that his team was paid $3,000 to clone the game and he believes that Stolen Goose "probably did something that wasn't perfectly ethical." Despite his belief, Porter says King's decision to clone the game was a bad one.

"Scamperghost isn't the most original game in the world," wrote Cox. "It's obviously inspired by Pac-Man but we at least took it in an original direction by making it a mouse avoider with no walls., however, showed no respect for other people's intellectual property when they made a direct, blatant clone of Scamperghost. Now they've trademarked "Candy" and are using their massive legal power against other small competing developers. A bit of a double-standard, eh?"

Source: GII

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